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How to set up WolAndLauncher(Lite)
How to set up each function of WolAndLauncher is described.

Describes how to set up each function.

bullet15pxSet to "Send WOL"
I. [MAC address]
Specifies the MAC address of the target device.
MAC addresses are specific to the hardware that is assigned to each LAN adapter.
MAC address is a unique number in the world do not overlap.

II. [WOL destination host(IP or FQDN or Broadcast address)]
Specifies the destination IP address of the WOL packet.
If in the home lan network, you specify the "Broadcast address"
In that case there is no problem if you specify the [].

When using such as "3G smartphone communication", to send WOL via the Internet, you need "Bypass the router. (Port Forwarding)"
In this case, the "WOL destination host" to specify the "IP address of the router the internet".

If the router can use a dynamic DNS service, you can specify a FQDN(domain name) to the "WOL destination host".

III. [Port number]
Sets the port number of the TCP/IP.
In the home lan network, is ok even if you specify what number.

To send WOL via the Internet, specifies the port number set up in the "Bypass the router(Port Forwarding)"
(*2) in router set up.

*1 Broadcast address
A "broadcast address" is a special address used in order to transmit data to all the LAN apparatus in the network to which it belongs.
[] Or the thing in which all the bits of the host part of an IP address are 1 is a "Broadcast address".

Simple composition explains.
  As an example, it is assumed that the following assignment is carried out to the apparatus on LAN.

     IP address : 192.168.1.xxx
     Subnet mask :

  [xxx] of an IP address is the host part.
  A "broadcast address" becomes [].

*2 Bypass the router. (Port Forwarding)
The arrival to "the WAN side IP address of a router" is relayed to "the LAN side IP address of a router" by this setup.

For example, a router is a listening port number 70000, IP address of the LAN side of the router is [192.168.1.xxx].
A setup of "Bypass the router. (Port Forwarding)" for the WOL transmission to this composition is as follows.

     UDP Port:70000
     UDP Port:70000

     Keep in mind that there is also a router which cannot set up a broadcast address.

bullet15pxSet to "Timer to start the app"
I. [To Start the app after WOL]
If a check box is enabled, after carrying out WOL transmission, the application starting timer will operate.

II. [Select App]
Select the application you want to start.

III. [Timer to start up app]
The time to an application starting is specified.
Set the Time to complete boot the device, or that more time.

bullet15pxSet to "Startup check by Ping" (Used in conjunction with "timer to start the app")
I. [Using ping to confirm start]
If a check box is enabled,the response check by ping is used together during the application starting timer.
When equipment returns a response to ping, a timer is ended and application is started.

II. [ping destination host]
Specifies the IP address of the device to attempt to start by Ping.

III. [Starting app delay timer after a Ping response check]
It may take time until equipment will be in the state where communication with the application which cooperates can be performed since in the case of PC etc. starting of OS is not completed even if the response of Ping returns.
In such a case, please delay starting of an application by this timer.


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